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A time to sit and assess what comes next. Hope comes in different ways. Taking stock and calmly striving to make a better future. That may mean small steps to do what we can as individuals or more radical actions in collaboration with others. Hope may come through forward looking innovation, exploration, new philosophers, and young activists. Alternatively, it may come by paying attention to the past, revisiting, and re-appropriating old ways of doing things for a more balanced vision. A blend of actions, small and large, will all lead to transformation.

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Consumers, especially those in America, have powered an extraordinary rebound in clothing and textile sales, but with talk of inflation and recession, what they will do tomorrow is much less certain.

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The future of making

Amongst many other topics, we cover plastic – beauty and the beast; the revival of storytelling in textile crafts; and design for disassemble or deconstruction.

The future of fashion strategy

A new era in which we gain a new understanding of luxury, continue to break down long-standing barriers to the virtual, and women’s greater roles within the fashion industry.

The future of design

The influence of tech wear within the fashion industry is growing each year. The demand for future proof clothes that provide both utility and comfort is becoming a given.

Womenswear styling, fabrics, knits, and accessories

A potpourri of concepts, feelings and colours. We start with full on extravagance and an explosive expression of maximalism, move on to dialogue with nature, experience the future of digital, work to improve our carbon footprint and finally rejuvenate in the quietest hours of the night.

Casual, athleisure and denim concepts, fabrics, and accessories

The season captures a blend of nature and technology, and the evolution of experimental design built on escapist desires. Fun and playful aesthetics bring a sense of joy to design, embracing childlike nostalgia and championing unrestricted design. Even darker apocalyptic-cast themes showcase this feeling through sculpted designs that treat the body as a canvas.

Other than Human

We are catapulted from a human-focused narrative towards a pioneering, holistic one where humans and other-than-humans are finally seen as one, bonded and interlinked.

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