Viewpoint Colour Magazine is a handbook for design understanding and inspiration. We thrive to create the bridge that connects the product designer to the consumer, through idea and lifestyle concepts that will influence future design thinking.‍ Presenting you with a visual journey to see what's happening in popular colour taste around the world for the year ahead. Putting design into perspective and confirming emerging directions to arrive at sound conclusions and strategies for decision-makers in the fields of fashion, beauty, graphics, architecture, interior and industrial design.‍ We seek to inspire but also to be informative, helping different industries with their colour decisions for a new generation of buyers and consumers that are more visually sophisticated than ever.

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We have chanelled all of the industrial experience of our colour group into producing an easy-to-use card that is economic in cost and economic in time with palettes merchandised into core basics and fashion highlights.

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A magazine that covers the latest innovations in the textile industry. Giving readers inspiration when creating their collections, information on where to source their materials, find innovative resources, and how to strategize their business.

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We have created a distinctive casual and athleisure stylebook, offering a unique approach while remaining a pragmatic tool that is easy to use. Our stylebook is designed with logical product and merchandising development stages to give a comprehensive and clear overview of key trends for the upcoming season. The boundaries between traditional categories such as sports, casual, career, formal,
day and evening wear become blurred.
As hybridisation grows and product lines become less distinct, the demands on
design are multiplying as end-uses become increasingly multi-faceted and technical performance needs to be balanced with eco-consciousness. Our goal is to provide you with a system that helps navigate this increasingly complex yet exciting market and stay on top of its high-speed, ever-changing scenario.

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VIEW + Trendhouse Youth Lifestyle Digital Add On

VIEW + Trendhouse Youth Lifestyle

This digital Youth book is aimed at the 14 to 25-year-old market (born 1995-2010, commonly known as Generation Z (Gen Z). Highly collaborative, authentic, self-reliant and the most diverse generation ever seen, this generation is big in number, big in consumption and big in influence! And they don’t want to be stereotyped: they are individuals experimenting with and shaping their identities over time. Using their influence in progressive ways and wanting to create a positive environment for themselves and the future. The Trendhouse Youth, design and lifestyle aspiration are translated through the eyes of Gen Z, to give you a better understanding of who they are and what their true needs and desires are.

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