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The notion of fashion is changing; creating an individual style is becoming more than following fashion. Wardrobes are an expression of personal style and preferences that grows over time. Unique combinations reflect an individual’s personality and values. Personal style involves mixing vintage finds or second-hand designer pieces with modern references, which not only slows down consumption but also adds a touch of nostalgia and personal expression. Combining these elements allows an outfit to express a mix of references; a wardrobe becomes a journey through time.

By combining different pieces of clothing, such as skirts with pants or mixing feminine and masculine elements, and playing with heavy and lightweight materials, outfits become more complex and intriguing. Layering not only adds warmth and texture, but also makes outfits versatile enough to wear all year round. Blurring the definitions of the different categories represents social change by challenging traditional norms and breaking down stereotypical barriers.

AI-generated images combine references in unconventional ways, resulting in apparently random combinations. This randomness offers fresh perspectives and expand our aesthetic horizons, leading to new discoveries. By breaking free from stereotypical norms of dressing and experimenting with unexpected combinations, we can introduce more creativity and diversity in our choices. Creating something truly novel often involves playing with and building upon historical influences, using them as a foundation to create something exciting and unique.

The future of making

We show you young or headstrong designers already on track to sustainability and setting the example for prominent industry leaders.

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The future of brand directions – entering the AI space

AIDEA explores the rise of AI-generated images, their benefits, their drawbacks, the impact they may have on the art world and the creators' personal creative process.

The new mindset – feeling myself

How we feel or how something makes us feel is what matters most. What we buy and wear depends on our mood and not just trends.

Menswear messages from the A/W 23/24 shows

There are two distinct directions emerging in menswear: firstly, a singular vision, meticulously planned, the second more organic and evolving along the way.

Womenswear messages at the A/W 23/24 shows

The overarching solution that filtered through this season was one of pressing the reset button: starting with fundamentals and considering real clothes.

Womenswear preview

We show you young or headstrong designers already on track to sustainability and setting the example for prominent industry leaders.